Top Beaches in Parga

Top Beaches in Parga

Parga beaches are where you will probably spend most of your time when visiting Parga, and you’ll certainly visit many of them on your trip. Most of the beaches are within walking distance from the city center. For the beaches that are a bit further away from the city center, they can be accessed easily by one of the boats that sail every 20 minutes from the main harbour or by a car or a scooter. The list of the most popular Parga beaches follows:

Valtos Beach

Valtos Beach is the main beach in Parga and the longest sandy stretch with views of the castle on the cliff. It is a lovely beach because it has plenty of umbrellas for rent, many coffee places, and nice restaurants. You can find many activities such as water sports and beach games. The water is calm and perfect for swimming, and the sand is quite nice and less rocky.
Valtos Beach is also the place to go if you want to enjoy some water sports such as windsurfing, parachuting or kayaking.

Lichnos Beach

The second biggest beach of Parga is Lichnos beach. The water is very clean and the beach is less noisy in general when compared with the other beaches of Parga. Lichnos beach is a great option for families with safe swimming areas, lots of facilities nearby and traditional tavernas and cafes to enjoy. Additionally, you can rent any of the water bicycles, kayaks, or do some water sports with Thanasis, who is a great guy that will make your experience enjoyable.

Main Beach in the City Center (Brosta Krioneri)

The main beach of Parga is a bit smaller than the rest but is equally beautiful. It has many tourist facilities around and the small islet in front creates a picturesque environment to relax.

Piso Krioneri Beach

For the more adventurous among you, head a little further south to Piso Krioneri beach, a very nice little and cosy beach covered with pebbles. The rocky coastline is perfect for rock jumping and snorkling. It is recommended to have some kind of bathing shoes with you.

Sarakiniko Beach

The beach of Sarakiniko is placed about 12 km away from Parga, near the village Agia, and it is a very interesting beach. Sarakiniko is not as popular as other beaches in the same area, however it is very peaceful, has very beautiful and clean water and has nice taverns that offer tasteful greek cuisine. On the way to Sarakiniko it is recommended to have a small stop and go and visit the Ali Pasha Castle, as it offers an incredible view of Parga.

Ai Giannakis Beach 

Ai Giannakis beach is a great beach if you want a bit more privacy, perhaps for couples or families with older children. It is further down from Parga and a bit more difficult to be accessed. The beach is also great for swimming and snorkelling as the water is calm but beautifully clear